Certificate in Self Grooming – 10 Days

A The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) has been producing beauty therapy graduates of the highest caliber since 1977. CIBTAC offer a wide range of world-class qualifications, striving to maintain and develop the highest standards of excellence internationally..

CIBTAC graduates are the foundation of the beauty industry, with many employers preferring to recruit a CIBTAC graduate over other candidates. The CIBTAC brand is a mark of quality, high standards and work ready graduates that make an impact from the first day in a job. CIBTAC qualifications can support your journey into the world of beauty therapy and beyond.

CIBTAC’s approach to examining our learners is to make these assessments as close to the challenging situations that an employee might face in their search for work, so that our graduates are salon ready and able to succeed, and are attractive to employers.